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Generous People Who Live to Honor Jesus


Jesus came to our rescue!  We declared our independence from God, and, instead of finding freedom in that independence, found ourselves trapped in spiritual darkness, eternally enslaved and condemned.  Jesus came to our world, lived His human life in perfect dependence on His Father, then died a sinner and criminal’s death on the cross, not because He deserved that, but because we do.  He died in our place.  And then He rose again from the dead, willing and able to give His eternal life to whoever believes in Him.  Jesus said that eternal life is knowing the one true God and Jesus Christ, whom He has sent (John 17:3).  At CCC, we’re not so much practicing our religion as we are learning to trust in Jesus and growing in our relationship with God. 


Christ Community Church was founded in 1967 by the Northwestern District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, an evangelical denomination. A building was purchased in those early years at 804 East Center Street in downtown Rochester. Like many churches, the congregation struggled to break through certain stages of growth, largely due to the restriction of its facility.



In 1993, the church made several dramatic changes including the vision, name, location, and style of worship. We then experienced seasons of dramatic growth that required us to expand the facility three times. Many people have given their lives to Christ, and thousands have gathered here and called CCC their church home.

In 2020, God brought Darril and Marie Holden to Christ Community Church from Austin, Texas.  Under Darril’s leadership, we have further emphasized loving each other and serving our neighbors as we honor Jesus and follow Him together. CCC is known in our Rochester community as a church of generous people who intentionally support numerous local non-profit ministries in addition to our support of global missionaries.

In 2024, we will once again expand our current facility to maximize our culture of hospitality and connection through “the Welcome Project” – a 16,000 sq/ft addition and remodel.

We are a church of next steps and will continue to obey what we believe God is calling us to do: introduce people to Jesus and follow Him together.